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Lucia Timpone

Lucia Timpone

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner- NH & ME


Lucia Timpone is a Broker/Owner who works with people of all walks of life from young professional just starting out, growing families, seniors looking to down size, landlord and tenant, to real estate investors to help them reach their real estate goal.

Lucia’s expertise extends beyond buying and selling a home, her experience includes Rentals, Foreclosure, Short Sale, Multi Family Homes, First Time Buyers, Senior Living, Condominium, Relocation and Vacation homes as well as servicing your Investment Properties

Lucia truly cares for her client and believes that no job is too small, and every person deserves her full attention, honesty, service and dedication.

Lucia is a realtor since 2009, a Certified Buyer Representative. Lucia has served in the Woman’s Council of realtor, and also serves her community as lifetime member of the Junior Service league, and volunteers in various local charity events.

Lucia comes from a background of finance, where she spent over 15 years working in the financial district of NYC. She served her time on the Commodity Exchange as a trader assistant and Commodity Technical Analyst, ending her time in NY at the American Stock Exchange as an Interest Rate Specialist. Lucia also has experience in the educational book industry, and have also served time working with the Consular of Affairs/ National Visa Center.

Lucia with her husband Tom, have raised their three sons Tom, Ian & Austin in New Hampshire for over 30 years, Lucia and her family lived in Pembroke, Hopkinton, Concord, Bow, Manchester, and currently resides in Durham, having lived in many towns has given her a vast insight of the region. Lucia loves to travel, cook and indulging in a variety of ethnic cuisines, she enjoys doing home renovation and interior design. When she has the time she loves to tinker in wood working projects, playing tennis or watching hockey games.

What Clients Are Saying

􏰔􏱷􏱯􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏰎􏱢􏱸􏱛􏱟􏱹􏱰􏱞 􏱦􏱡􏱝􏱟􏱠􏱮􏱛􏱵􏱨 􏱣􏱠 􏱟􏱠􏱵􏱛􏱟􏱠􏱟 􏱥􏱢 􏱦􏱷􏱯􏱵􏱳􏱡􏱺􏱠 􏱡 􏱵􏱢􏱝􏱟􏱢􏱮􏱛􏱝􏱛􏱷􏱮 􏱛􏱝 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱝􏱠􏱛􏱧􏱳􏱜􏱢􏱯􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱡􏱯􏱠􏱡􏱺 􏱢􏱻 􏰘􏱼􏱠􏱥􏱠􏱯􏱨 􏱣􏱳􏱛􏱽􏱠 􏱣􏱠 􏱣􏱠􏱯􏱠 􏱥􏱯􏱡􏱸􏱠􏱽􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱛􏱝 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱺􏱢􏱷􏱥􏱳􏱠􏱯􏱝 􏱺􏱥􏱡􏱥􏱠􏱺􏱾 􏱿􏱠 􏱣􏱠􏱯􏱠 􏱽􏱢􏱢􏲀􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱻􏱢􏱯 􏱡 􏱯􏱠􏱡􏱽 􏱠􏱺􏱥􏱡􏱥􏱠 􏱡􏱧􏱠􏱝􏱥 􏱣􏱳􏱢 􏱛􏱺 􏲀􏱝􏱢􏱣􏱽􏱠􏱟􏱧􏱠􏱡􏱜􏱽􏱠 􏱡􏱜􏱢􏱷􏱥 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱡􏱯􏱠􏱡􏱺 􏱜􏱷􏱥 􏱮􏱢􏱯􏱠 􏱛􏱮􏱦􏱢􏱯􏱥􏱡􏱝􏱥􏱽􏱴 􏱣􏱳􏱢 􏱵􏱢􏱷􏱽􏱟 􏱳􏱠􏱽􏱦 􏱷􏱺 􏱥􏱢 􏱛􏱟􏱠􏱝􏱥􏱛􏱻􏱴 􏱡􏱝 􏱛􏱟􏱠􏱡􏱽 􏱦􏱽􏱡􏱵􏱠 􏱣􏱳􏱛􏱽􏱠 􏱣􏱠 􏱣􏱠􏱯􏱠 􏱡􏱣􏱡􏱴􏱾 􏰻􏱷􏱵􏱛􏱡 􏱲􏱛􏱮􏱦􏱢􏱝􏱠 􏱣􏱡􏱺 􏱯􏱠􏱻􏱠􏱯􏱯􏱠􏱟 􏱥􏱢 􏱷􏱺 􏱜􏱴 􏱡 􏱻􏱯􏱛􏱠􏱝􏱟 􏱡􏱝􏱟 􏱺􏱳􏱠 􏱝􏱠􏱸􏱠􏱯 􏱮􏱡􏱟􏱠 􏱷􏱺 􏱟􏱛􏱺􏱡􏱦􏱦􏱢􏱛􏱝􏱥􏱠􏱟􏲁

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to purchase a condominium in the neighboring areas of Exeter, while we were traveling in the southern states. We were looking for a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the areas but more importantly who could help us to identify an ideal place while we were away. Lucia Timpone was referred to us by a friend and she never made us disappointed!

Lucia has made the search very easy for us remotely through her customized portal. With Lucia's help, we came to understand the characteristics of the market and we were able to quickly secure a property, once we are on the ground, under very tight schedule. During the process, Lucia has been very responsive in communications, even in late hours, and has stayed on top of the transactions every step of the way. I would highly recommend Lucia's services and expertise to anyone who is looking to purchase a property in the area.



Yibin􏰻􏱷􏱵􏱛􏱡 􏱳􏱡􏱺 􏱮􏱡􏱟􏱠 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱺􏱠􏱡􏱯􏱵􏱳 􏱸􏱠􏱯􏱴 􏱠􏱡􏱺􏱴 􏱻􏱢􏱯 􏱷􏱺 􏱯􏱠􏱮􏱢􏱥􏱠􏱽􏱴 􏱥􏱳􏱯􏱢􏱷􏱧􏱳 􏱳􏱠􏱯 􏱵􏱷􏱺􏱥􏱢􏱮􏱛􏲂􏱠􏱟 􏱦􏱢􏱯􏱥􏱡􏱽􏱾 􏱿􏱛􏱥􏱳 􏰻􏱷􏱵􏱛􏱡􏲃􏱺 􏱳􏱠􏱽􏱦􏱨 􏱣􏱠 􏱵􏱡􏱮􏱠 􏱥􏱢 􏱷􏱝􏱟􏱠􏱯􏱺􏱥􏱡􏱝􏱟 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱵􏱳􏱡􏱯􏱡􏱵􏱥􏱠􏱯􏱛􏱺􏱥􏱛􏱵􏱺 􏱢􏱻 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱮􏱡􏱯􏲀􏱠􏱥 􏱡􏱝􏱟 􏱣􏱠 􏱣􏱠􏱯􏱠 􏱡􏱜􏱽􏱠 􏱥􏱢 􏲄􏱷􏱛􏱵􏲀􏱽􏱴 􏱺􏱠􏱵􏱷􏱯􏱠 􏱡 􏱦􏱯􏱢􏱦􏱠􏱯􏱥􏱴􏱨 􏱢􏱝􏱵􏱠 􏱣􏱠 􏱡􏱯􏱠 􏱢􏱝 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱧􏱯􏱢􏱷􏱝􏱟􏱨 􏱷􏱝􏱟􏱠􏱯 􏱸􏱠􏱯􏱴 􏱥􏱛􏱧􏱳􏱥 􏱺􏱵􏱳􏱠􏱟􏱷􏱽􏱠􏱾 􏰔􏱷􏱯􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱦􏱯􏱢􏱵􏱠􏱺􏱺􏱨 􏰻􏱷􏱵􏱛􏱡 􏱳􏱡􏱺 􏱜􏱠􏱠􏱝 􏱸􏱠􏱯􏱴 􏱯􏱠􏱺􏱦􏱢􏱝􏱺􏱛􏱸􏱠 􏱛􏱝 􏱵􏱢􏱮􏱮􏱷􏱝􏱛􏱵􏱡􏱥􏱛􏱢􏱝􏱺􏱨 􏱠􏱸􏱠􏱝 􏱛􏱝 􏱽􏱡􏱥􏱠 􏱳􏱢􏱷􏱯􏱺􏱨 􏱡􏱝􏱟 􏱳􏱡􏱺 􏱺􏱥􏱡􏱴􏱠􏱟 􏱢􏱝 􏱥􏱢􏱦 􏱢􏱻 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱥􏱯􏱡􏱝􏱺􏱡􏱵􏱥􏱛􏱢􏱝􏱺 􏱠􏱸􏱠􏱯􏱴 􏱺􏱥􏱠􏱦 􏱢􏱻 􏱥􏱳􏱠 􏱣􏱡􏱴􏱾 􏰬 􏱣􏱢􏱷􏱽􏱟 􏱳􏱛􏱧􏱳􏱽􏱴 􏱯􏱠􏱵􏱢􏱮􏱮􏱠􏱝􏱟 􏰻􏱷􏱵􏱛􏱡􏲃􏱺 􏱺􏱠􏱯􏱸􏱛􏱵􏱠􏱺 􏱡􏱝􏱟 􏱠􏱼􏱦􏱠􏱯􏱥􏱛􏱺􏱠 􏱥􏱢 􏱡􏱝􏱴􏱢􏱝􏱠 􏱣􏱳􏱢 􏱛􏱺 􏱽􏱢􏱢􏲀􏱛􏱝􏱧 􏱥􏱢 􏱦􏱷􏱯􏱵􏱳􏱡􏱺􏱠 􏱡 􏱦􏱯􏱢

Yibin Li

Lucia is the best! She helped us to rent and buy a home, we worked with her for a whole year, we could only have positive things to say. We picked her over others because of her courteousness and attention to detail. We would pick Lucia over and over again.




Christine & Antonio G.

Christine & Antonio G.

Lucia was there every step of the way!! She was very responsive and addressed everything that came up in a timely manner. I have worked with other realtors before, and can say without hesitation, Lucia was by far the best and I will recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to buy or sell a home because the experience was such a positive one!

April Ross Pembroke, NH

Lucia provided us with excellent service when we were looking for an apartment to call our home. She was thorough and proactive in helping us close in on the apartment we wanted. She was very respnsive, friendly, and professional- we have and will continue to recommend her to friends and colleague!



Ryan & Anya R.

Ryan & Anya R.

I love working with her. She works hard for you and makes sure you get what you want. She will work with you in emails a lot if that is how you can get things done faster. So quick to get back to you as well.

Sofia and John Deerfield, NH

Lucia helped me so much. She went over and beyond what I have experience in the past realtors. I would happily recommend her and would use her again if I move. Susan C. 

Susan C.